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OttoMatics Inc. 230 Brookfield Pl. Roswell, GA 30075 (678) 395-3831

• 1-5/8 RB8 excellent condition Double Feed
• 1-5/8 RBN8 excellent machine - loaded with attachments and tooling.
• Beautiful rebuilt 1-5/8 RB8 CNC.
• 2-5/8" RB8 Two available

Lets make a deal.  We do not price machines to keep them, or store them, and we will not push junk unless we tell you it is.

Please use our shortcuts to quickly find quality automatics, CNC turning and Transfer machines.

All The Best,

The Otto's
John and Pat

Also available:  (Many) New Britains - 6 and 8

Date 10/23/2017 Last sent 09/11/2017

We have Huge Deals on Nakamura's
Citizen's L-20 L-32 2003
MSO new 1995

 And More

7/16 Acme's
1-1/4 RB8 & 1-5/8 RBN8

Short Cuts

• 1-1/4 RA6 - 2 late CNC machines, or one never used.
• 2" RB6 - good older machine
• Chuckers  1-1/4 RA6  -   5-1/4 RAC6  -  6" RPA 8    Very Good Condition
Most Recent Acme Gridley's

Our intention is to inform, not annoy. If you no longer run or have interest in Acme-Gridley's please let us know.
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