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  • Automatic
  • Acme Gridley
  • 1-1/4" RB 8
  • Multi Spindle Bar
  • 8 Spindle
  • 1978
  • Spindle Size: 1 1/4"


Length 12'5"
Width 3'7"
Height to top of Motor 7'3"
Weight: 26,700 Lbs
Collet Capacity Round 1 1/4"
Collet Capacity Hex 1 3/32"
Collet Capacity Sq. 7/8"
Idle Time 2 Seconds
Main Tool Slide Travel 7"
Spindle RPM if Stopper 2175
Stock Feed Max.7"
Spindle Speeds 2 83-2365
Standard Main Motor HP 30


This machine has not been run in several years. It needs to be cleaned up and run which we are in the process of doing.
Although the machine is well equipped, other attachments can be added if required.
Universal Threading 5th
Air Pick Off & Back Finishing 7th
High Speed Drilling 2nd & 3rd
Shelf Slide 3rd
Carrier drop .009 /.010 at 11 and 1
Double deck 1 st & 8th,
Wide shelf 3rd
Lincoln lube
Logan Computer installed for operation of pick off and threading.
New Chip Conveyor
This machine is in excellent condition. It has Hi-Lo clutches, Cyclo Index, Logan threading, Logan controlled air pick off and back finishing slide.
Digital Photographs available upon request.