OttoMatics Inc. 230 Brookfield Pl. Roswell, GA 30075 (678) 395-3831 04/15/2019

The seller of this exceptional (2014) Schutte SC9-46 would like to make room for other machines immediately.   All offers will be given serious consideration.

• (5) very nice cam 32mm 6 spindles Loaded with tooling.

If our records are wrong and you do not use Schutte's, please let us know by clicking the email address bvelow.

All The Best,

The Otto's
John and Patti

Wanted - cam operated Gildemeisters

All CNC Multi's

Index Multi

New Britain
Tornos Multi's
Schutte SC9-46 (2014)

Schutte Multi Spindle Machines

Excellent Older machines All tooling included.

(5) 32mm Schutte's

Our intention is to inform, not annoy.
If you no longer run or have interest in Schutte's please let us know.
Our intention is to inform, not annoy.
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