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Hydromat Parts, Tooling, and attachments

Hydromat Epic Units
available as is, or rebuilt Request Quote

Rebuilt 50/100 Epic Units (4) Rebuilt 36/100 Epic Units (5)
Rebuilt Epic 2 Axis Flanges (5)
I'll be in Tampa tomorrow and Wednesday.  If you need any photos, or unbiased assessment, of condition and current market conditions, please let me know.  The Hydromats here have been idle for several years, the building was hot, humid, and dark last time we had someone there.  We have lots of photos of the machines before they were cleaned up.

We are offering these machines with rebuilt, or good used  Epic Units

(1) Epic R/T New 2008 3 jaw chucks facing out.  This machine has Fanuc Controls so the units, do not require PMAC boxes, so the new Revolution units will work on this Epic.
(1) Epic R/T New in 2010 with Collets - we can complete this low cycle machine.

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If you would like a quote on any machine, parts, or tooling, we would be happy to quote, even if you're just curious.  We welcome trade in machines and parts.

The Otto's
John and Patti

Hydromat Epic (2008) FANUC CONTROL
Hydromat Pro 20 (2001)
Epic 2010 Pro20

Hydromat 32/45-16 (1998)
Tooling and
                                            Attachments 32/45

Hydromat Legacy HW-25/12's  Cutoff Saw, Bar Feed, and Inverter

Hydromat Epic 45/12 (2005)
Hydromat Epic R/T 32/45-16 (2013) Double Production, Double Feed
Hydromat Epic 32/45-16 (2010) Only 1.4 Million Cycles on aluminum
Hydromat HS-16 (2003) Two Jaw Chucks

Hydromat Tooling and Attachments valves, units, heads, flanges, motors, drill holders
(4) 50/100 NT Units Sony Scales
(50) Tool Heads
Many Collets
Specializing in turning machines since 1978.

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