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We have These Hydromat Epic Units available as is, or rebuilt Request Quote
50/100 Epic Units (4) 36/100 Epic Units (8)
Epic 3 & 2 Axis Flanges (8)
The only reason the Epic with 1.4 million cycles (see below) hasn't sold, is there are too many missing units.  If you considered the machine in the past, it can now be a complete machine, for whatever you need to run.

If you would like a quote on any machine, parts, or tooling, we would be happy to quote, even if you're just curious.  We welcome trade in machines.
The Otto's
John and Patti

Hydromat (2) HW-25/12's CNC 1993-1998 approximately 10 million cycles each
(1) 1993 $35,000.00 with Fanuc Cimplicity Control update
(1) 1998 $40,000.00 with Fanuc Cimplicity Control update
Hydromat Epic 1.47 million cycles
1998 Hydromat Legacy
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Hydromat Epic R/T 32/45-16 2013 Double Production, Double Feed
Wanted two Legacy 25/12's and 45/12's - trades welcome
New in the box 3 Axis Flange
Hydromat HB-32/45-16 (1995 & 1997) Well tooled, running
Hydromat Epic 32/45-16 (2010) Only 1.2 Million Cycles on aluminum
Hydromat Epic HS-16 (2005) Indexing Chucks
Hydromat HS-12 (2012) very recently rebuilt.

Hydromat Tooling and Attachments for legacy and NC machines, valves, units, heads, flanges, motors, drill holders(11) 26/80 NC can convert and rebuild to Legacy
(3) 35/60 can convert and rebuild to Legacy
(4) 50/100 NC Units Older
(50) Tool Heads
Many Collets $140,000 worth
Hydromat Parts & Tooling
Specializing in turning machines since 1978.
Transfer Machines
Hydromat 26/80 axis flange New
BTB (2010) BB524 TRO - like new Trunnion
i 2D-TR8-5 just rebuilt
Eubama KED - 2002
Liberty 2004 Universal joints
Mikron CX-24 2006
Sinico Top 2000 - (2)

3-1/2" RB6
1-5/8 RBN8 or 1-1/4 RB8
Doosan TT Machines
Citizen 32mm late model
Eurotech 420/710 SLLY
All European machines - Traub, Index, Gildemeister
HW/25-12 Legacy, Epics,
                                          36/100 units, 50/100 units and
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