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Today 12/11/2018
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We have a plant full of very well maintained Davenports available, bar machines and chuckers.  (3) are Long Beds, all are 3/4" Capacity model B's and most are in the 80's.   The seller, in Chicago, wants to buy Hydromat machines and accesories from us and use the Davenports as leverage.

If you no longer run, or have interest in Davenports would you please let us know by clicking here.  We are always adjusting our records, and I know what a P.I.T.A. it is, to get irrelevant email.

The used machinery market is way off, and I hope you will not get tooo upset while we rebuild our mousetrap during the lull.
Hope you are well,
The Otto's
John and Patti
Photos and description of all Davenports Photos and description of all Davenports
Photos and description of all Davenports Photos and description of all Davenports

Eight Spindle New Britain Automatics Model 812, 816,817, and 82
Six Spindle New Britain Automatics Model 51, 52, 62, 627, 630, 635
New Britain Automatic Chuckers
Model 51 New Britain Automatics
Model 52 New Britain Automatics
Model 62 New Britain Automatics
(11) Later Model model 60 New Britain Automatic Multi Spindles
Davenport 3/4" Long Bed screw machine new 1978 with Cross Drilling

Automatic Multi Spindles and Single Spindle Automatics
Acme (2) 1-5/8 RBN8 High Precision
4" RB8
Brown & Sharpes Many R/S machines, CNC and Servo Cams.

CNC Turning

Index - G-200 and 300, ABC's

PartsWashers Several
Chip Systems Great Price

(2) Hydromat 25/12's - each machine is very well equipped, the CNC's were updated to Cimplicity Controls - oil coolant, only 10 million cycles on each.  Running in Production.

Transfer Machines
26/80 and 3 axis flange New in the box SAVE $
BTB  (2010) BB524 TRO - like new Trunnion
i 2D-TR8-5 just rebuilt
Eubama KED - 2002
HS 16 and
HB-16 Both Epic and Legacy.
Liberty 2004 Universal joints
Mikron CX-24 2005 - must be sold
Sinico  Top 2000 - two available

Model 635, 640, 826
Tornos AS-14
Schutte S32 or 36PC
1-5/8 RBN8 or 1-1/4 RB8
Doosan TT Machines
Tsugami BO326
Eurotech 420/710 SLLY
All European machines - Traub, Index, Gildemeister
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