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We were just offered  a model 1987 model 52. with Pick Off, Back finish, threading.  We want to sell it before moving it from Illinois.  Care to make an offer?  We also have a lte 62, a real nice 657 and a near new model 51.

The Otto's
John and Patti
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Eight Spindle
Acme's  1", 1-1/4's, 2-5/8, and 3-1/2 With a Pick off!
Brown & Sharpe Lots of them with nobody paying attention
With Tamers - basically, you buy the Tamers and we throw in the machine!

Escomatic Found D2's
Schutte Anyone?

CNC Turning

Citizen  L20 with Bar feed $10,000
Index - MS32, G-200 and 300, ABC's
Mazak MultiPlex
Several WT's, TW's and more

PartsWashers Several
Chip Systems Great Price

Transfer Machines
26/80 and 3 axis flange New in the box SAVE $
BTB  (2010) BB524 TRO - like new Trunnion
i 2D-TR8-5 just rebuilt
Eubama KED - 2002
HS 16 and
HB-16 Both Epic and Legacy.
Liberty 2004 Universal joints
Mikron CX-24 2005 - must be sold
Sinico  Top 2000 - two available
Wirth & Gruffat TT312 New 2003 - must be sold


Model 635, 640, 826
Doosan TT Machines
Citizen 32mm late model
Eurotech 420/710 SLLY
Kitako VT4 machines
Cam operated Index

Cam operated
7/16 Acme's

Photos of what we are working on
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