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  • CNC Swiss
  • Star
  • SV-20
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 20 mm
  • 2001
  • C Axis:
  • Live Tooling:


CNC Control: Fanuc 16TC
Max Turning Diameter: 20mm (25/32")
Headstock Stroke: 8"
Main Spindle:
Headstock Spindle Speeds: 500 - 10,000 rpm
Spindle Indexing: .01 deg (full C-axis)
Spindle Motor: 3.7Kw (cont)/5.5kw (30 min) main
Spindle Bore Diameter: 1"
Drilling Capacity:
Stationary Tool: 35/64"
Power Driven Tool: 5/16"
Number of Tools: 5 (12mm) Tools (4 tools opt/16mm)
+ 3 Power-driven
Turret: 8 Stations,
12mm Tool if 3 tool/station opt
16mm Tool if 1 tool/station opt
Tapping Capacity: Turret M10 x P1.5
Power Driven Tool Gang Tool Post M6 x P1.0
Milling Capacity: 10mm (25/64")
Max. Die Cutting Capacity: M10 x P1.5
Gang Tool Post Power Driven Tool: 6,000 rpm
Motor 0.5Kw (servo drive)
Power Consumption: 9 KVA
Backworking Attachment:
Max. Chucking Cap.: 20mm (25/32")
Drilling Capacity: 3/8"
Tapping Capacity: M8 x P1.25
Spindle Speeds: 500 - 10,000 rpm
Sub-spindle motor: 2.2Kw(continuous)/3.7Kw(15min)
Dimensions (approx): 104"l x 55"w x 66"h
Weight (approx): 7,500 lbs.


8 Station Turret (all driven); standard
C-Axis on Main Spindle
1 degree Sub-Spindle indexing; option
Chip Conveyor; option
Lot of Standard / Driven Tool Holders:
(1) 2" Station Holder
(1) 3" Station Holder
(3) 1" Spindle Cross Drilling Unit
(1) Slotting Unit
(1) Thread Milling Unit
Includes IEMCA GENIUS Bar Loader
Several Available one available now and the rest in July