Mikron CX-24 Rotary  1996


Especially Suited for
* Volume production of small precision parts from non-ferrous metals,
steel or stainless steel
* Workpiece Ø ranging from 0,4 to 25 mm
* All chip removal operations possible in addition to the assembly of
balls or pins, respectively cold forming operations
* Machining from premachined blanks or coil material
Electrical specifications
mains voltage 400 V
mains frequency 50 Hz
Technical description
24 station revolving transfer machine with modular spindle system
Each station can be equipped with an upper and a lower spindle.
Available spindle units:
11 x upper spindle unit vertical
15 x lower spindle unit vertical
6 x spindle unit inclined
1 x 3-axis CNC unit vertical
1 x part rotation unit
1 x workpiece height sensing unit
workpiece fixture with collets
cycle time (existing production): 5 s/part
+ workpiece loading and unloading system
+ 16 x tool monitoring system NORDMANN (continuous monitoring)
+ oil mist coolant system
+ automatic CO2 fire extinguishing system
* Fast, entirely mechanically, driven Rotary Transfer Machine
* Production up to 150 pcs./min (single cycle)
* Excellent accessibility and easy tool change, extremely operator friendly
* Possible to machine wet or dry, depending on workpiece


Message from the plant manager - " This machine was purchased by Engineering
and was not used for very long. It has been in storage for at least 5 years.
The machine looks like new. The machine was set up for machining a fuel injector
component, with drilling from the top and bottom."