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  • Acme Gridley
  • 1-5/8 RBN8 HP
  • Multi Spindle Bar
  • 8 Spindle
  • 2002


High Precision
Carrier Clamping
Servo Pick Off
Servo Back Finishing Position 7
GE Fanuc 18T Controls
CNC Slides Positions 4 & 5
Hi Lo
Cyclo Index - 1.62 Idle Time
Silent Reel
Universal Chip Conveyor
Cross Slide Tool Holders
Hinged Type Drill Saddles
Motors & Electrical Controls
One Set of Cams and Gears
One Set of Collets & Pushers
Outboard Coolant Pump
Collet & Pusher Tubes
Trabon Lubricating System
Height to Top Of Motor 7'3"
Length: 12'5"
Weight 26,900 Lbs
Width: 4'1"
Collet Capacity Round 1 5/8"
Collet Capacity Hex 1 13/32"
Collet Capacity Sq. 1 9/64"
Idle Time - exhanced by cyclo index
Main Tool Slide Travel 7"
Spind le Speeds 168-1950
Standard Main Motor 30 Horsepower
Stock Feed Out Max 7"

These machines are like new and originally sold for 1.7 Million each
to Chrysler where they sat idle. The HP is short for High Precision so
this is not the typical Acme-Gridley machine.
• All Cross slides are box way cnc slides.
• The Carrier Is Supported by a Large Roller Bearing in Each End.
• Cross Slide tolerance is +/- .0003 Without Shave Tools.
• Each Spindle Has It's Own Offsets.
• Overall Length Can Be Held to +/- .0005 by Facing
• High Rpm Is 1950
Fanuc 18T Control, Front and Rear, All "G" and "M" Codes
Cnc Slides in 8Th With Double Decker Holder and Cutoff Holder,
1st With Double Decker Holder, Independent 6Th Position End
Working, Pickoff, Back Working ( Can Do Compound Work on
Back of Part With Pickoff ), Compound Slides in 4th and 5th
With Spindle Encoder for Single Point Threading.
Main Tool Slide Uses Cam
Feed Slide Uses Cam
Spindle Speed Controlled by Gears
Cyclo Indexing
Carrier Clamping
Hi/Lo Clutches
Syncronized Spindles
Pneumatic Collet opening and Closing
Slides Have Box Ways
Stock Reel
Stock Stand
Universal Chip Conveyor
Drill Saddles
Complete Guarding
Auto Lube
Complete Electrics, 460 Volt, 3 Ph
This Was Not an Add on Cnc System, It Was Designed by Acme from
the Beginning As a Cnc Machine.
Condition - Excellent Condition