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  • Automatic
  • Escomatic
  • D2
  • Swiss Type
  • 5/32"
  • 1968
  • Spindle Size: 5/32"


R Type Head
Wire Straightener
Feed Range 3:1 Ratio 9/16"
Feed Range Double Feed 4 1/4"
Feed Range Standard .950
Feed Rge Long Feed Dev 1.850"
Main Motor .75 Horsepower
Max Stock Diameter 5/32"
Number of Cutting Tools 2
Production Range 1.25-63 PPM
Tool Head Speeds 6000 or 4000


machine has had very limited run time and is loaded with tooling.
space on the spec sheet is limited. for a complete list please
call and we will fax it.|isoma microscope|feedrollers:0.156,
0,0625,0.116,0-030,0.084,0-125,0.040,0.062, 0.294, 0.064|2
tool setters|6 pulleys for straightener|2 holders for
sharpening tools|2 counter collet holders|125 counter
collets various sizes (0.025 to 0.156)|77 guide bushings
various sizes (0.025 to 0-160)|6 bushings for various stock
sizes for straightener|2 short feed o ut attachments|i
long feed out attachment|3 sets carbide inserts for
straightening jaws (i set in|machine)|2 adjustable 65 deg.
carry over cams|165 deg. solid carry over cam.|oil2 x
65 deg. clutch cam.|wheel pullers|lapping wheel (lapping
tools)|1:1.2 feed ratio cams (short feed attachment)|
1:1.2 feed ratio segment (long feed attachment