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  • CNC Machine
  • Buffoli
  • 3D-TRd 16
  • Lathe - CNC
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This machines current Set-up:
1-Cutoff saw unit with programmable 150-440 rpm. Saw blade 225mmdia.
The cut off programming is controlled by CNC and a tool monitor system.
1-Bar feed unit max. stroke 140mm CNC programmable. Max bar dimension 40mm.
Special bar feed cycle to push out the remnant before feeding a new bar.
CNC controlled adjustable feed out length and bar head length.
1- The finished part is picked up by a two jaw transfer mechanism and dropped
into the exit chute.
10-Self-centering, hydraulic, two jaw, quick change insert jaw chucks.
13-Working spindles.
1-CNC milling slide (station 4.3)
1-Electrical cabinet with PLC and CNC control.
1-Automatic bundle bar loader for 4m bar length.
The bar loader will accept 2. 5 tons of bar stock and is programmed to
lift a bar onto the roller way for automatic loading.
1-Coolant filtering and chip conveyor system:
Chip conveyor drag chain model with wide chain
Dirty coolant tank capacity approx.700 lt.
Clean coolant tank capacity approx. 900lt.
Electric motor and pumps
Filter cartridges
Complete electronic and mechanical interface
1-Buffoli tool monitoring system that allows programming the torque
and thrust limits for each unit independently as well as tool wear.
1-Monitor Vishelp system
1-Lot of tool heads for work spindles
1-External mechanical recessing head w/ (2) L cycle mechanical recess
Control, computer programmable
1-Single slide hydraulic recessing head w/(1)CNC hydraulic recess control,
computer programmable
1-Single slide CNC recessing head w/(1)CNC ball-screw recess control,
computer programmable
1-Double slide CNC recessing head (Note it needs a control to operate it)
1-Threading die head "-10 Acme single thread
1-lot misc. Tools, Holders, and (jaws for chuck and feeder)
Condition - like new, low hours and well maintained
Complete with all tooling and attachments shipped with the machine
** Note: Tsune TK5C-50Gl Automatic Circular Sawing Machine .... P.O.R.