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  • CNC Swiss
  • Star
  • Ecas 20
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 20mm
  • 2005
  • C Axis:
  • Number of Axis: Yes
  • Tail Stock:


Max. machining diameter ø20mm(25/32in)
Max. headstock stroke Standard 205mm(8in)
with Gripping unit 205mm(8in)
sleeve holder Max. drilling capability ø10mm(25/64in)
Max. tapping capability M8 P1.25
Max. die cutting capability M8 P1.25
attachment Max. drilling capability ø8mm(5/16in)
Max. tapping capability M6 P1.0
Max. milling capability ø10mm(25/64in)
Max. slotting capability 1.5mm(W) 4mm(D)
Main spindle speed max.10,000min-1
Main spindle motor(continuous/30min) 2.2kw/3.7kw
Dimension(W D H 2,588 1,150 1,765mm
Weight 3,500kg


Not Actual - checking
Star ECAS 20
mfd 2005
type 570,
Siemens 840DI control,
automatic lubricating system.
Sub spindle
Equipped with the following tooling:
*Facing main spindle:
lower left side - 4 station square toolholder post
upper left side - 3 station live tooling spindles
lower right side - 2 station square toolholder post
upper right side - 3 station live tooling spindle
*Frontal right side post: 4 hole to mount front stationary drills and back working stationary drills.
*Back left side: back working post with 3 stationary drills, (1) live drill
Coolant tank with 2 coolant pumps
(1) part evacuation conveyor
With Ikura Seiki bar top loader, type OS 203E, s/n: OS21346, mfd. 2005
Model: Star ECAS 20