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  • CNC Machine
  • Miyanomatic
  • ABX-51TH2
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 51mm
  • 2015
  • C Axis:
  • Y Axis:
  • Dual Spindles:
  • Live Tooling:
  • Dual Turrets:
 Miyanomatic ABX-51TH2 Lathe - CNC 51mm 2015


Machining Capacity:
Standard Turning Length 125mm
Max. Bar Diameter (Main Spindle/Sub Spindle) 51mm/51mm
Max. Power Chuck Size (Main Spindle) 6"
Max. Power Chuck Size (Sub Spindle) 6"
Axis Travel:
HD1-Upper Turret
X1-Axis 190mm
Z1-Axis 257mm
Y1-Axis +/- 40mm
HD2-Lower Turret
X2-Axis 190mm
Z2-Axis 500mm
HD3-Upper Turret
X3-Axis 190mm
Y3-Axis +/- 40mm
Z3-Axis 650mm
Number of Spindles 2
Spindle Nose (Main/Sub Spindle) A2-6
Spindle Speed Range (Main/Sub Spindle) 50-5000 RPM
I.D. Draw Tube (Main/Sub Spindle) 52mm
Chuck Cylinder; Hydraulic Rotary Hollow Cylinder
Collet Chuck for Left: Spindle (collets not includ) DIN 177E
Collet Chuck for Right Spindle (collets not includ) DIN 177E
Spindle Motors:
Left Spindle: 15/11Kw cont./30 min
Right Spindle: 7.5/5.5Kw
cont./30 min
Number of Turrets 3
Number of Turret Stations:
Upper Turret HD1/HD3 & Lower Turret HD2 12
Main & Sub Spindle Positioning: "C" Axis
(Spindle orientation to both Main & Sub Spindles)
Revolving Tools:
Number of Rotating Tool Stations:
Upper HD1/Upper HD3 12
Lower HD1 12
Speed Range:
Upper HD1/Upper HD3 40-4000 RPM
Lower HD1 40-4000 RPM
Machine weight (approx) 20,944
Equipped With
(Standard accessories)
12 Station Upper Turrets HD1 & Hd3 & 12 Station Lower Turret HD2
Fanuc VAC 15 kw/11 kw for Main Spindle & VAC 7.5 kw/5.5 kw for Sub Spindle.
C Axis Control to Main & Sub-Spindles
Y Axis Control to Upper Turret HD1 and Upper Turret HD3
Tool Setter for HD1, HD2 and HD3
Automatic Lubricating System
Coolant System
Hydraulic equipment, Hydraulic Rotary Cylinder for Main & Sub Spindles
Chuck Close/Open Confirmation Switch for Main & Sub Spindle
Splash Guard with Door Interloock System
Machine Light, Pneumatics Unit
Spindle Assembly for DIN 177 E for Main & DN 177E Sub
Inner Coolant, Cylinder-type Work Ejector and Air Blow for Sub Spindle
Servo Driven Parts Catcher for Main & Sub Spindles
Parts Conveyor, High Pressure Coolant for Upper & Lower Turrets (HD1,HD2 & HD3)
High Pressure Coolant for Upper & Lower Turrets (HD1,HD2 & HD3)
Total & Pre-Set Counter, Manual Retrace Function
Filler Tube Assembly, Signal Tower 3-Step,
Double Spindle Orientation
Revolving Tool Drive Unit for Upper & Lower Turrets (HD1, HD2 & HD3)
Cut-off Confirmation - Electrical Type
Cut-off Confirmation - Mechanical Type
Auto Power Shut Off, Coolant Level Switch
Coolant Level Switch
Chip Conveyor-Hinge type for General purpose Usage-Outlet Ht. 1Metre
Disc Brake to both Main & Sub Spindle
Tool Monitoring System (Inc Fanuc N.C. Option and Miyano Software)
Tooling Package:
Miyano Recommended Set of toolholders
Turning Tool Holder A & B
Bar Feed Interface
Fanuc 31i-TA Control:
Constant Surface Speed Control
Multiple Repetitive Cycles
Chamfering/Corner R Compensation
Tool Nose Radius Compensation
Inch/Metric Conversion
Geometry and Wear Offsets
Polar Coordinate Interpolation
Cylindrical Interpolation
Parts Program Storage Length 320m
Background Editing
Rigid Tapping Function with Custom macro B for Revolving Tools
Rigid Tapping Function for Main & Sub Spindle
Direct Drawing Dimension input
Extended part Program Editing
Alarm Display, G10 Function, Overlapping Function for HD2, HD3 & Sub Spindle
Helical Interpolation, Polygon Turning, Run Hour/Parts Number Counting
Synchronous Mix Control


# Axis 6
Machining Length 125 mm
Chuck Size 6"
Bar Capacity 51 mm
Power 15 kW
Max RPM 5,000 RPM
Tailstock No
Equipped With
Toolholders shown (Tooling Not included)
Cool Blast Mist Collector
Hardgine S22 Collet Chuck on Main and Sub Spindle
Tool Presetter
Parts Catcher
Edge VD-65LE-CE Barfeed
*ONLY 1,011 Hours RUN TIME