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  • CNC Swiss
  • Star
  • SV-32JII
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 32mm
  • 2001
  • C Axis:
  • Live Tooling:
 Star SV-32JII Lathe - CNC 32mm 2001


No of Axes: 8
Axes Name Designations: Z1, Z2, C1, C2, X1, X2, Y1, Y2
Main Spindle 7000 RPM
Working Bar stock Diameter: 32mm
Turning Length: 12.20"
Tool Post Configuration - Gang Type Tool + Power Driven Attachment
Tool Post Configuration - Turret Type 10 Face
Number of Tools - Gang Type 4 Tools
Number of Tools - Turret Type max. 2 tools / 1 face opt.
Sleeve - Number of Tools Max. 3 tools / 1 Face Opt.
Max Drilling Capacity 23mm (29/32 in.)
Max. tapping capability M12 x P1.75
Power driven attachment- Gang type 3 tools
Power driven attachment- Turret type Max. 2 / 1 Face Opt.
Max. drilling capability 8mm (5/16") Gang/10mm (25/64") Turret
Max. tapping capability M5xP1.0 Gang /M8xP1.25 Turret
Max. milling capacity 10mm/25/64in.
Max. Slotting Capacity 2mm X 10mm
Max. Spindle - C-Axis 0.01 deg (C-Axis Control)
Main Spindle RPM 7000 RPM
Main Spindle Motor HP 5.5 kW (Continous), 7.5HP (30 min. rated),
Power Driven Spindle Speed - Gang type Max. 8,000 RPM
Power Driven Spindle Speed - Turret type 5700 RPM
Coolant Tank Capacity 180 Liters
Dimensions L 103" x D 55.31 x Ht. 63.11"
Weight 8360 pounds


Fanuc 16i-T Control
Sub Spindle
Revolving Guide Bushing
Parts Conveyor
Chip Conveyor
Coolant System
Backworking Attachment,
Hydraulic Unit,
Pneumatic Unit,
Separate type coolant tank,
Coolant oil level dectector,
Automatic Lubrication,
Broken Cut-Off tool Dectector,
Parts separator,
Parts Ejection dectector,
Gang tooling,
Main spindle C-Axis, Sub Spindle,
1 Degree Indexing,
Power Driven Tools,
Door Interlock,
Work Light
Imeca Model 432 Magazine Barfeed with Pendant Contol