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  • CNC Machine
  • Traub
  • TNX-65/42
  • 2008
  • Spindle Size: 65mm
  • B Axis:
  • C Axis:
  • Y Axis:
  • Sub Spindle:
  • Dual Turrets:


Model: TNX 65/42
Control: Traub TX8i-s
Number of Axes: 13
Number of Spindles: 2
Main Spindle:
Nose: A2-6
Power: 53 HP
Speed: 5,000 RPM
Max. Bar Capacity: 65 mm / 2.55"
Max. Turning Diameter: 6.88"
C-Axis Indexing Precision: 0.001 Degrees
Nose: A2-5
Power: 37.5 HP
Speeds: 5,000 RPM
Max. Bar Capacity: 42 mm / 1.65"
Max. Turning Diameter: 6.3"
C-Axis Indexing Precision: 0.001 Degrees
Turning Length: 25.5"
X/Z Stroke: 13.3" / 25.6"
Y-Axis Stroke: +/- 1.57"
B-Axis Stroke: +/- 3.7"
B-Axis Indexing Precision: 0.001 Degrees
Tool Type: HSK 40
Spindle Speeds: 12,000 RPM
Spindle Power: 7.3 HP
Tool Changer:
Auto Tool Changer - Loading Arm - Capacity: 80 ATC
Number of Interior Turrets: 2
Number of Positions: 10
Number of motor positions: 10
X, Z Stroke: 6.8"
Y Axis: +/- 1.57"
Tool Type: VDI 30
Live Tools Speed: 6,000 RPM
Tool Tool Power: 7.3 HP
Power Supply:
Supply Voltage: 400 Volts
Total Installed power: 80 kVA
Machine floor space: 231" x 91.2"
Machine height: 106"
Machine weight: 22050 Lbs


For sale is our Traub TNX 65/42 Milling and Turning Center
Year of manufacture is 2007 Serial #7060107
TX 8i-S control (Mitsubishi/Traub based control with Mitsubishi drives and motors)
15 CNC axis’s
(4) X-Y-Z turrets with 10 positions each. Up to 20 tools per turret
65 mm thru hole main and sub spindle (sub spindle has coolant flush)
Foot pedal control for clamp/unclamp of spindle chucks
Servo driven gantry receiver
Hydraulic swivel w/ pneumatic finished part and bar remnant gripper
Finished part conveyor belt
RESY paper band coolant filter
Knoll Coolant tank with BKW refrigerated coolant temperature control
20 Bar High pressure and 8 Bar Low pressure coolant pumps
Knoll chip conveyor
FMB Turbo 5-55 magazine bar feeder (new in 2010)
2) Single stick turning tool holders
2) Double stick turning tool holders
1) Cut-off tool holder
1) Overdriven double radial live ER Collet tool holder
1) Overdriven radial live ER Collet tool holder
4) Radial live ER Collet tool holders
1) Radial live End Mill tool holder
1) Angle adjustable live ER Collet tool holder
2) Radial live Shell Mill tool holders
2) Axial live End Mill tool holders
6) Axial live ER Collet tool holders
Hainbuch main spindle collet chuck
Rohm sub spindle 2 jaw chuck
All machine parts, electrical, service and programming manuals along with machine parameter backup on USB stick
History on this machine;
Built in 2007 commissioned/ installed in 2010
Leased machine
Ran for 6 years making rifle scope mounts
Sat idle for 1 year while being remarketed by bank
We purchased it Feb 2018
The last 2 years, undergoing extensively refurbished at our facility
Refurbish included but not limited to;
Disassembly and Removal of all panels and way covers
Very thorough and detailed steam cleaning of ALL components and machine from top to bottom
Replacement of any wore/broken hoses, cables or electrical/mechanical/hydraulic components
Replacement of ball screws and bearing packs where needed.
Replaced all servo buffer batteries
Replaced all pneumatic/hydraulic filters
Refinish or replace all large panels and the mounting hardware
Replace all 4 turret’s slideable X-Y covers
Replaced all rubber, plastic, and metal sealing band way cover wipers
Reassembly using new fasteners where needed.
Complete disassembly of coolant tank and chip conveyor components.
A very thorough and detailed steam cleaning of all components and covers to like new condition
No expense was spared on this refurbish with many new parts. Over 500 hours just in cleaning every nook and crevice of this machine and its accessories.
The refurbish was done for many trouble free years of use by us making munitions components, which that fell thru. We currently do not have any work for a machine with this extensive milling and turning capabilities, so we are selling it to make room for other uses.