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  • CNC Swiss
  • Tsugami
  • BO203lll
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 20mm
  • 2017
 Tsugami BO203lll Lathe - CNC 20mm 2017


Spindle Diameter (Main) 3 to 20 Mm
Main Spindle Speed 200-10,000 Rpm
Tool Positions 13
Tool Holder 2 X 12 X 85 Mm
Main Motor Drive 2.2 Kw/ 3.7 Kw 30 Mins
Max Processing Length 210 Mm
Max Diameter of Drilling/Threading in the Main Spindle 10 Mm/ M10
Max Diameter of Radial Drilling/Thread Cutting 6 Mm
Drive Tool Speed 200-8,000 Rpm
Number of Tool Positions for External Machining in the Main Spindle 9 Pcs (6+3)
Number of Tool Positions for Axial Tool 4
Power Tool Drive Tool .75 Kw
Engine Power of the Coolant Pump .25 Kw
Rail Lubrication Pump Motor Power 3 Watts
Working Feed 1~6,000 Mm/Min


Caron Tmac Tool Wear Measurement Control System ($25000 Add on) Bar Feed Interface Smc Lynx Measurement Length Multi Counter Ceu5pb-d Chasing Function Tool Nose Radius Compensation Tool Height Displacement Compensation Cylindrical Interpolation Polar Coordinate Interpolation Constant Surface Speed Control Spindle Synchronous Control Chamfering Corner R Spindle Speed Fluctuation Detection Continuous Threading Multiple Repetitive Cycle Canned Cycle for Drilling Rigid Tapping Cut off Detector Differential Speed Back Ground Editing Extended Part Programming Editing Direct Drive Rotary Guide Bushing Main Spindle C-axis Live Tool Capable (No Live Tools Included)