Equipment Description
Used Stoelting VSF-112 Parts Washer with:
• Materials of construction:
◦ Tanks: 14 gauge 304 stainless steel
◦ Canopies: 14 gauges 304 stainless steel
◦ Exterior plumbing: stainless steel, bronze drain and solenoid valves
◦ Interior plumbing: stainless steel, bronze drain and solenoid valves
◦ Interior plumbing: stainless steel
◦ Recirculating spray manifolds: stainless steel
◦ Recirculating pumps: stainless steel
◦ Conveyor frame: 10 gauge stainless steel
◦ Conveyor belt: stainless steel 
• Product clearance: 12 inches wide x 9 inches high
• Conveyor:
◦ Stoelting conveyor system one continuous 12 inch wide belt
◦ 0.375 inch flat wire belt with 1 inch x 1 inch mesh
◦ Rated load is 25 pounds per square foot 
◦ Take-up bearings (on load end)
◦ 36 inch load height 
• Conveyor drive:
◦ Drive is variable speed, rated for 25 pounds per square foot
◦ 0.25 horsepower DC gear motor
◦ Speed potentiometer on operator panel to control the conveyor speed, 2-12 feet per minute
◦ Digital speed display on operator control panel
◦ Conveyor start/stop button on operator control panel
◦ E-stop on load and unload sections
◦ Product jam sensing with current sensing relay
• Wet stage
◦ Solution tank:
▪ All welded construction
▪ Leveling legs
▪ Front side insulation
▪ Auto fill valve 0.5 inch and drain valve 1 NPT
▪ Sloped bottom for drainage and cleaning
▪ Chip/product catch basket in wash section only
▪ Side tank with removable cover for easy chemical addition, tank clean out and chip basket
removal (wash only)
▪ Switch float valve assembly
▪ Annunciator light for low level (safety shut-down) on operator panel
▪ Push button for manual fill on operator panel
▪ Low level cutout switch
▪ Wash capacity: 80 gallons
◦ Solution heating:
▪ Wash stage has (2) 10.5 KW stainless steel sheath immersion type heaters (total 21 KW). 140 degrees Fahrenheit nominal operating temperature.
▪ Solution heating system enhances the cleaning ability of most chemicals and the flash (evaporative) drying process


(3) Units 2017, 2018 and 2019 - price is for each
▪ Digital indicating process controller to monitor and control solution temperature 
◦ Solution pumps:
▪ Horizontal stainless steel pump
▪ 36 gallons per minute at 25 PSI with a 1.5 horsepower motor in wash section
▪ Pump start/stop buttons on operator panel
◦ Solution re-circulation: efficient re-circulation system channels 100% of pumped solution through a stainless steel chip/product catch basket, screening water coming off of the shed sheet (wash section only)
◦ Solution spray system:
▪ The solution spray system utilizes spray tubes of the exclusive Stoelting fixed spray design (wash)
▪ This design allows for wash solution to effectively clean through a combination of solution impingement and chemical action
▪ The Stoelting Spray Tubes have a specially designed orifice that requires less maintenance than a spray nozzle
▪ The spray tube can be easily removed from the machine and quickly cleaned by the use of a bristle brush if cleaning becomes necessary
▪ Spray tubes are located above and below the conveyor belt
▪ The "Spray Zone" of wash section is 2 feet
▪ Bottom spray pressure is adjustable with manual ball valve
▪ Pressure gauges monitor wash spray pressures
◦ Canopy: wash stage: canopy is 42 inches long consisting of 9 foot approach, 24 inch spray zone, and 9 inch drag out. Approach and drag out zones eliminate errant spray and solution carryover. 20 inch x 16 inch hinged access door with electrical safety interlock.
◦ Vent connection:
▪ 4 inch diameter pipe flange vent connection in located on top of each wet section of the machine for connection to your plant ventilating system
• Blow off stage
◦ Ambient flow off module:
▪ 2 foot module, 20 inch canopy
▪ Double slotted air knife (height adjustable from 2 to 12 inches)
▪ Air supplied by a 3.5 inch horsepower blower (70 inch S.P. at 120 CFM) mounted to the canopy
▪ Stainless steel splash shields enclose the blow off zone
• Standard controls:
◦ CE compliant 
◦ NEMA-12 electrical control cabinet of heavy gauge sheet steel