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  • CNC Machine
  • Nakamura
  • WT-300 MMYS
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 2005
  • Spindle Size: 2.55"
  • B Axis:
  • C Axis:
  • Y Axis:
  • Number of Axis: 8
  • Dual Spindles:
  • Live Tooling:
  • Dual Turrets:
 Nakamura WT-300 MMYS Lathe - CNC  2005


Maximum Swing Over Bed 12.2"
Maximum Turning Capacity 10.6"
Maximum Center Distance 30.7"
Bar Capacity 2.55"
Longitudinal (Z-Axis) – Upper Turret:. 30.7"
- Lower Turret 30.77"
Cross Travel (X-Axis) – Upper Turret:. 7.6"
Lower Turret:. 7.6"
Y-Axis (Upper Turret Only) 2.36"
Sub-Spindle (B-Axis) 33.46"
C-Axis (Both Spindles) 0.001"
Number of Turrets 2
Tool Positions on Each Turret 12
Stations on Each Turret 24
Spindle Bore 3.1"
Spindle Nose A2-6
Spindle Speeds 50 – 4500 RPM
Motor – Spindle 20 HP 3/60
- Live Tooling 5 HP 3/60
Overall Dimensions (Approx.) 166” x 100” x 89” H
Weight (Est.) 28,000 Lbs.


The machine on power up throws an error as you can see in the pictures. It is easily cleared out by the reset switch in the back cabinet. After it's cleared out it doesn't come back until the machine is powered down. We believe this happens because there was a fanuc robot used in the same cell and the error is a result of removing the robot from the cell. Something that if you wanted to fix, should be simple.
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