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I want to sell a machine like this

  • Automatic
  • Acme Gridley
  • 1" RAN 6
  • Multi Spindle Bar
  • 6 Spindle
 Acme Gridley 1


Height To Top Of Motor 6' 3"
Length: 7' 8 1/2"
Weight: 11,100 lbs
Width 3'7"
Collet Capacity Round: 1"
Collet Capacity Hex: 55/64"
Collet Capacity Square: 45/64"
Idle Time .92 Seconds
Main Tool Slide Travel 3 3/8"
Spindle Above C-23145-N 3,538
Spindle Speeds 239-292 0
Standard Motor Horsepower 15
Stock Feed 5"


Per our phone conversation a few months ago, I have six 1” Acme’s that have been sitting outside, although they have been tarped and under a roof.

We hand cranked each one through a cycle late last year. They were very tight but loosened up fairly quick.

One of these was rebuilt by Klee Angler and only has about 40 hours on it.

One (or two) have threading clutches.

All have pick-offs.

We can’t find the serial number tag on one machine.

I hired a guy late last year who has experience changing spindle bearings and general repairs.

Would someone like yourself buy these if I brought them in... wired them up, replace spindle bearings if needed and new paint.... or is it worth the trouble? Maybe wait until scrap prices go back up?