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  • CNC Swiss
  • Star
  • SB20RG
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 20mm
  • 2016
  • C Axis:
  • Live Tooling:
 Star SB20RG Lathe - CNC 20mm 2016


Control: Fanuc 0i-TD
No. of Axes: 7
X1, Y1, Z1, C1, X2, Z2, C2
Max. Machining Diam.: 3/4:
Max Headstock Stroke: 205 mm (8in) GB Type
Bar diam x 2.5 (Max. 50mm) NGB Type
Rapid Feed Rate: 35m/min (x1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2)
Main Spindle:
Indexing: C Axis control
Speed: 10,000 rpm max
Motor: 2.2 kw / 3.7 kW (10min. / 25% ED)
Back Spindle:
Indexing: C-axis control
Speed: 9,000 max
Motor: .55 kW (cont) / 1.1 kW (15 min/40%ED)
Max Length front ejection: 80mm (3 5/32")
Max Part projection length: 30mm (1 11/64")
OD Turning: 6
ID Sleeve Holder: 4 ID/4BW
Live Cross Drills: 4
Independent BW: 4 fixed (live optional)
OD Tools: 12mm (for 6 tool arrangement)
ID/ BW Drill Spindles:
Max. Drill Cap. 12mm (1/2")
Max Tap Cap: M10 x P1.5
Live Cross Spindles:
Max Drill Cap: 7mm (9/32") ER 16
Max Tap Cap: M6 x P1.0
Speed: 10,000 rpm max
BW Tools:
Max Drilling Cap: 8mm (5/16") fixed
6mm (15/64") Live (optional)
Max Tap Cap: M6 x P1.0 fixed
M5 x P0.8 Live
Live Tool Speed (optional) 8,000 rpm max
Cooling: 180 liter
Power Consumption: 3.7 KVA
Dimensions (approx): 82" x 47" x 69"
Weight (approx): 3750 Lbs


Fanuc Oi-td Control
Guide Bush/Non-guide Bush Switching Function
Mist Collector (Tri-mist 850 G2)
12′ Edge Barfeeder (Minuteman 320 Se)
Parts Conveyor
C-axis Control (Main & Sub)
4-spindle Back Unit
6-piece Turning Tool Holder
4-spindle Cross Drilling Unit
4-pieces Sleeve Holder
Spindle Clamp Unit (Main & Sub)
Air Purge for Main Spindle
Air Purge for Revolving Guide Bush
Sub Spindle Air Purge Unit
Sub Spindle Air Blow Unit
Pneumatic Unit
Automatic Centralized Lubrication Unit
Coolant Level Detector
Broken Cutoff Tool Detector
Parts Ejection Detector
Prepped for High Pressure
All Plumbing and Manifolds for Hp Included
Tooling Included:
Fixed Er16 Holders for T2100-t2400
** Original Owner
** as of December, 2020
Power On: 25,174 Hours
Run Time: 12,448 Hours
Cutting Time: 8,477 Hours
** Manufactured Date: April, 2016
** in Plant, under Power, Ready for Immediate Inspection & Removal