Dimensions (W x D x H) 2.965 x 2.145 x 2.315 mm
Required space (W x D x H) 4.000 x 3.200 x 2.800 mm
Charging size 200 x 400 x 150 mm
Washing time 5 – 6 min
Max. loading 30 kg
Electrical connections
Machine 22 kVA
Heater 40 kW
Media tank capacity 550 liter
Jetting pressure 12 bar
Vacuum drying < 20 mbar
Working temperatures
Cleaning 50 – 75° C
Rinsing 50 – 75° C
Filtration unit
Cleaning 40 μm (basket filger 0,5 m²)
Rinsing 10 μm (basket filter 0,5 m²)


One (1) Silberhorn Basket Type Parts Washer
Model Multijet 2-3, 2008
Auto Load and Unload
Programable Cycles
Batch - Basket System
Max. Load - 300 Lbs
Frame Size - 670 X 470 X 300 Mm
Three Tanks
Ultrasonic Wash, 700 Liter Capacity
First Rinse, Ultrasonic, 700 Liter Capacity
Second Rinse, Ultrasonic, 1400 Liter Capacity
Ultrasonic Can Be Programmed for One, Two or Three Tanks
Vacuum Dry
Feed and Discharge Conveyors
Size - 13.26' by 8.2' X 9.3'
All Manuals
Condition - Excellent
The Silberhorn LAS Continuous Cleaning System offers a short cleaning cycle and, as a result, a maximum output for serial and mass production.
Clocked transport by spindle system.
Manual loading or integration into the production line
Its space-saving design and the fact that it can be easily integrated in any process flow are additional advantages of the LAS.
Multistage system for cleaning, rinsing, conservating, hot air and vacuum drying as well as demagnetization.
Ease of maintenance guarantees high availability
All machine parts are made of stainless steel.
Hinged Covers with gas pressure antishock for easy acces to media containers.
Insulation on all sides of the container and the process chamber, as well as on the filters and pipelines ensures low energy costs on the one hand and provides important industrial safety on the other.
Jetting needles move in and out of the sections to be cleaned.
Reduced carryover due to separated working zones
Stand-by mode
Individual fittable as required