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  • CNC Multi Spindle
  • Tornos
  • Multi Alpha 6 X 32
  • Multi Spindle Bar
  • 2012
  • Spindle Size: 32mm
  • C Axis:


Spindle Speeds 0 - 6,000 Rpms
Two Compound Slides - Positions 2 and 3
Stroke, X - 60mm, Z1 - 80mm
Two Compound Slides - Positions 1 and 4
Stroke, X - 60mm, Z - 100mm
One Cutoff Slide Position 6, X - 40mm
One Pickup Position 6, Capacity 32mm, Pneumatic Operations
Mounted on a Compound Slide, Stroke, Y - 280mm, Z 450mm
Independent Motor 0 - 8,000 Rpms
One Back Working Slide Position 6, Stroke, X - 52mm
Four End Working Slides, Z - 200mm
Electrical Cabinet Wit Operators Console on a Pendant With
High Resolution Color Screen
Parallel Control Pnc-deco Cnc Controller, Fanuc 30i-tb
Centralized Automatic Lubrication
Machine Lighting
Preped for 3 Y Axis, Including the Drive for 3 Rotating Tools.
Includes, Plug for Work Zone, Fanuc Amplifier, Electrical Wiring,
Software Plug and Run
"C" Axis in Each Main Spindles - 0,001 Degree
"C" Axis in Pickup - 0,001 Degree
Electrical Adaptation Necessary for Cross Drilling Attachment
Milling Function in Polar Coordinates (Interpolation of the Axis
C with a Linear Axis?
Part Unloading Conveyor
Coolant Chiller 14kw with Temperature Control of + /- .5 Degree For the Cutting Oil and Spindles for the Mayfran System And Additional Coolant Tank


One (1) Tornos, Multiswiss, Alpha 6x32, 2012 14,295 Hours as Of
October 19, 2021
Six Independent Spindle Motors
4 Compound Slides
One Cutoff Cross Slide
3 Independent Axis Counter Operations
One Pickup Spindle
One Back Working Slide with Max of 5 Tools
Four End Working Units
Bar Stop for Part Length 120mm
Robobar Msf 832/6 4m
Chip Conveyor
The sub spindle takes up
Position 6 and 5. It has a compound slide
With (Y) axis of 280mm and (Z) axis of 450mm
Nothing in cross slide for 5.