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  • CNC Swiss
  • Tornos
  • Deco 26a
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 32mm
  • 2006
  • Number of Axis: 10
  • Live Tooling:


Maximum Ø Capacity up to 1.0 inch (26mm) / up to 1.25 inch (32mm)
Part Length 9.5 inch (240mm)
Simultaneous Axes Contro 10
Tool Positions 21 (14 front, 7 back)
Axis Z1 Sliding Headstock ( C1 optional) 100-8,000rpm
Axis X1/Y1 & X2/Y2 Guide Bush 100-8,000rpm 16 x 16mm tool shank double
gangplate flexible combination of fixed or live tooling
Axis X4/Y4/Z4 ( C4 optional) Counter Spindle & Back Operation
100 - 6,000rpm 7 backworking operations, flexible combination of fixed
or live tooling Axis_EndUnit
100-6,000rpm 4 tools
Indexing 0.001° with optional full C-axis
Control Fanuc PNC-DECO
Programming TB-DECO
Simultaneous axes yes up to 12 axis simultaneous
machining up to 4 tools in the cut


Under Power Good Condition
Tornos Deco 26 a 2006
With Lns Hydrobar
+ All Its Tooling
Tornos Swiss Type Cnc Screw Machine; Model Deco 26a; 2006; 7.5 Hp Single Spindle Sliding Headstock Lathe; Turning Diameter 1.259 Max; Turning Length 24cm Max; Bar Capacity Std 2.59cm; Opt Max 3.19cm; Main Spindle Tornos Nose 1-1800 Rpm; 7.5 Hp Sub-spindle 1-6000 Rpm; Tornos Special Nose; 3.7hp; Tooling: Front Slide 10 Turning 4 Rotary; Tool Shank Size Square 1.58cm round 1.58cm; Back Slide: 4 Turning 3 Rotary; Tool Shank Size Square 1.58cm; Round 1.58cm; 4 Simultaneous Cutting Tools; 10 Standard Axis; Located in ISREAL