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  • CNC Machine
  • Escomatic
  • NM6 Flexi
  • Swiss Type
  • 2018
 Escomatic NM6 Flexi Swiss Type  2018


2 304-M569 Powered Axial Tool Holder
4 304-1536 Fix Tool Holder
2 313-M886 Oil Mist Absorber
2 31A-BF3-1M5 Set Up Lamp
2 313-M890 Coolant Level Control
2 302-M025 Straightening Control
2 301-M310 Set of Straightening Tubes
8 303-M627 Tool Holder for Insert Holder
8 303-1xxx Insert Holder for Turning Inserts
2 320-M786 Pneumatic Ejector for Counter Spindle
2 320-M753 Conveyor for Finished Parts Back
2 320-M877 Conveyor for Finished Parts Front
1 321-M334 Tool Holder Measuring Support
2 41F-001 Screwdriver