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  • CNC Swiss
  • Star
  • SR-20J N
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 20mm
  • 2017
  • C Axis:
  • Live Tooling:


2012 Star SR-20J Type N CNC Swiss-Type Lathe Specifications (subject to buyer verification): Max.machining diameter ø20mm(25/32in) Max.headstock stroke Bar diameter×2.5 (max.55mm) (max.2-11/64in) Number of turning tools 6 tools (□12mm) 4-spindle sleeve holder Number of tools Front : 4 tools / Rear : 4 tools Max.drilling capability ø10mm(25/64in) Max.tapping capability M8×P1.25 2-spindle front sleeve holder Number of tools 2 tools Max.drilling capability ø8mm(5/16in) Max.depth of hole 100mm(3-15/16in) Power-driven att. Number of tools 3-10 tools:(Option is included) Max.drilling capability ø8mm(5/16in) Max.tapping capability M6×P1.0 Spindle speed max.8,000 RPM Drive motor 1.2kw Rapid feed rate 35m/min(X,Y,Z,XB,ZB) Main spindle indexing angle C-axis control Main spindle speed max.10,000 RPM Main spindle motor 2.2kw(Continuous) / /3.7kw(15min./60%ED) Dimensions (W×D×H) 88" x 47" x 67" (2,250×1,200×1,700mm) Weight 2,200kg (4,850 lbs) Backworking Attachment Max.chucking diameter ø20mm(25/32in) Max.length for front ejection 80mm(3-5/32in) projection length 30mm(1-3/16in) Number of tools v4-6 tools (Option is included) 4-spindle backworking unit Max.drilling capability - Stationary tool ø8mm(5/16in) Max.drilling capability - Power-driven tool ø5mm(3/16in) Max.tapping capability - Stationary tool M8×P1.25 Max.tapping capability - Power-driven tool M4×P0.7 Sub spindle indexing angle C-axis control Sub spindle speed max.8,000 RPM Sub spindle motor 1.5kw(Continuous) / /2.2kw(15min./50%EDv


S/N 4841, 2017, 6,876 RUN HOURS
S/N 4839, 2017, 5,108 RUN HOURS SOLD
31iB Fanuc Controler
• CNC unit (FANUC Series 31i-B)
• Main Spindle Air Purge
• Electric & operation panel w/ 10.4 inch color LCD display
• Parts ejection detector
• Parts Receptacle in the machine (684-25)
• Broken cut-off tool detector
• RS232C interface cable w/ cover
• Back attachment
• Cross Drilling Unit w/3-spindle cross milling unit
• 4-spindle unit for backworking
• Stand-alone type coolant tank
• Sub spindle air purge unit
• Coolant level detector
• Sub spindle air blow unit
• Automatic centralized lubrication unit (with level detector)
• Leveling bolts & leveling pads
• Door interlock system
• 4-spindle sleeve holder
• Spindle clamp unit (for main/sub spindle)
• Work light
• Cs Contour Control (for main/sub spindle)
• Tool kit (1 set)
• Wedge type 6-station tool holder 1/2"
• Main collet F25
• Drill Sleeve ER16 for deep drilling - 4 pcs. (301-25)
• Sub collet F25
• Drill sleeve ER16 - 4 pcs [541-21]
• Coolant Flow Detector [484-59]
• Earth leakage breaker (Rated sensitivity current:30mA)
• Pneumatic unit
• Automatic bar feeder interface [0E464]
• Drive Unit for power driven tool type B for power driven tool of Back 4-Spindle [0E457]