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  • CNC Machine
  • Nakamura
  • WY-100
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 2014
  • Spindle Size: 2"
  • C Axis:
  • Y Axis:
  • Number of Axis: Yes
  • Dual Spindles:
  • Live Tooling:


2014 Nakamura Tome WY-100 CNC Turning Center With "Y" Axis, Dual Turrets, and Dual Spindles
Nakamura Tome CNC Control Fanuc 31iA Large Color Option, dual turrets, dual spindle, live tooling,
"Y" axis on upper and lower turrets, LNS Quick Six S2 barfeeder, 16C collet chucks, and guide tubes
and all spindle liners included.
Featured Specifications
Opposed two-spindle,2-turret construction!
48 tools Number of tool stations
24 tools Number of driven-tool stations
62mm Y-axis on 2-turret
6000min-1 Driven-tool speed (Upper / Lower)
11/7.5kW + 11/7.5kW L/R spindle motor
7.1/2.2kWx3 Driven-tool motor (Upper / Lower)
Main Specifications
Number 8 # Axis's
Main Bar Capacity 2 "
Power 20.1 hp
Max RPM 5000 rpm
Turning Dia 6.89 "
Swing 6.89 "
Machining Length 23.15 "
Max Bar Capacity Left 2”
Max Bar Capacity Right 1.69”
Max Turning Diameter 6.89”
Max Turning Length 23.15”
Distance Between Spindles 32.28”
Chucks In 16C/ 16C
Spindle Nose Left & Right A2-5
Spindle Speed Left / Right 5,000 RPM/ 6,000RPM
Spindle Motor Left & Right 15/10 HP
Rotary Tool Motor 9.5/3 HP
Rotary Tool Speed 5,000 RPM
Tool Stations 12 Main/12 Back
X-Axis Travel (X1/X2) 5.31”
Z-Axis Travel (Z1/Z2/Z3) 9.6” / 9.6”/22.75”
Y-Axis Travel (Y1 & Y2) 2.44”


Equipped With:
Nakamura Tome Control (Fanuc 31iA)
Dual Turrets
Dual Spindle
Live Tooling
Y axis on Upper and Lower Turret
LNS Quick Six S2 Magazine Barfeeder
16C Collet Chucks
Lots of Tooling Available
All Guide Tubes and Spindle Liners
Machine is in very good condition
New Cost $349,000 with All Options.
Loaded with all Live Tooling, Chucks & Collet Chucks