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  • Automatic
  • Wickman
  • Six Spindle
  • Multi Spindle Bar
  • 5/8"
  • 1980


Technical Details
Manufacturer/Model Wickamn
Number of Stations Horzontal 6
Collet Capacity 5/8"
Cycle times 1.4 sec to 60 sec
Collet capacity
Work piece Length
Hydraulic Tank Cap
Hydraulic pump
Elector Motor input at 1800 RPM
Hydraulic operating pressure range
Hydraulic oil operating temp
Bar Feeder magazine
Maximum Bar stock Length 10 ft
Maximum Bar stock diameter
Maximum capacity bars round 5/8" hex
across flats .54" square across flats .422
Maximum capacity
Spindle speeds 23
Spindle speeds 400 rpm to 5000 rpm


Two very good machines
16560 and 16908, 1979 and 1980 With Both Machines There Is a Thread Chaser, Rotary Slotting. Each Machine Has Pickup, Back Finish and Threading. One Chip Conveyor Between Both Machines, Stock Reel and Stand