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  • Parts Washer
  • Serec
  • Zero Emission TCE
  • Inline
  • Vapor Degreaser
  • 2016


Solvent Type: TCE
Solvent Capacity: Approximately 600 Gallons
Material of Construction: Stainless Steel
Cycle Time: < 30 minutes
Load Capacity: < 1000 pounds
Cleaning Chamber Capacity: ~55 cu.ft., ~412 gallons
Electrical Service: 460v.a.c. 3ph 100amp
Cooling Water Service: 40 gpm @ 45*F
Water Quality: City
Air Service: Dry and Filtered @ 85p.s.i.g. @ 60cfm
What is the basket size Originally designed for a barrel type basket 40" dia x
50" long. We use a rectangular basket 40"x50"x24"
Will this unit run other solvents or only TCE Yes it can with some programing
changes. Serec units including this one can use npb, alcohol, or other solvents.
What is the warranty on it from the factory and is there any left or transferrable


Serec units including this one can use npb, alcohol, or other solvents
No Warranty left, We can demonstrate the machine as it runs every day currently.
Any issues with this unit No this machine runs very well and have not had any major issues
What is the overall footprint of the system *** L x W x H x Weight ***
Is this system unitized *** all in one steel framework for movement *** Framed as
two modular sections for easier transport.
How is it heated *** electric or steam - Steam
What is the brand of system controller *** Allen Bradley, Siemens and so on. And
model of controller *** GE Fanuc VersaMax
Do you have prints and electrical drawings of the system *** Yes available if
Can you load it on a truck or do you need riggers. We can separate the machine
and ready it for shipping but would want a rigger to load it on the truck