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  • Transfer Machine
  • Hydromat
  • Tool Presetter
  • Tooling and Attachments
  • 2008


Presetting Made Easy!
REGO-FIX presetter Introducing the TM10 and TM 20 presetters from REGO-FIX. All units come with easy to use touch panel controls. These pre-setters will help make any machine shop more productive and efficient in their tool set-ups.
Advantages of Presetting your tools:
No need to touch-off the tools in the machine.
Measure the run-out of your tools before you cut.
Measure angles and radii of inserts and mills.
Accurately measure your tool dimensions.
Better tool inspection capabilities.
Increased machine uptime.


Presetter - Features & Benfits
Glass AcuRite scales for precise measurements.
Z-axis repeatability of 0.003mm (0.00012”).
6” LCD Display.
Dust-proof soft keypad.
Language options English/French/German.
Up to 99 different zero points can be saved.
Tool library of up to 500 tools.
Computer controlled parallelism compensation.
Absolute and deviation measuring for each axis.
Hold functions for each axis.
Adapters available for 40 taper and HSK holders.
Camera and show graph displays available.
Master mandrels for 40 taper and 50 taper available.
Output for printing labels and reports.
Made in Switzerland.