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  • Parts Washer
  • Ransohoff
  • LeanJet RB-2 G3
  • 2015


LeanJet RB-2 G3
Cleaning Sequence: Wash, Rinse & Dry
Process Type: Batch or Continuous (Automation Available)
Part Orientation: 12” x 18” x 6” Basket or Custom Fixture
Production: Up to 10 Cycles, 20 Baskets Per Hour (Fully Adjustable)
Max Work Envelope: 15” x 15” x 24” Long (Standard)
20” x 20” x 36” Long (Custom)
Method of Loading / Unloading: Manual or Automatic (Automation Available)
Footprint: 8’-9” Deep, 4’-9” Wide, 5’-4” High
Cleaning Mechanisms: Spray / Immersion / Turbulation / Ultrasonics / Rotation
Drying Mechanisms: High Velocity, Heated Air with Rotation
Controls: Programmable Controller & HMI Touch screen
Typical Applications:
Jet Engine Components
Gas / Diesel Engine Blocks & Heads
Medical Implants & Tools
Valve Bodies


Aqueous washer used to clean parts. Includes wash and rinse cycles, drum rotation, emersion and/or spray, and ultrasonics.
Make: Ransohoff
Model: LeanJet RB-2 G3
Serial Number: 5561
Year of Manufacture: 08/2015
Country of Manufacture: US
Electrical Requirements: 460V 3PH 60HZ, Control Voltage 24VDC
Weight and Dimensions: Dimensions: 88 1/4” (W), 148.00” (L), 111 5/8” (H)
Are manuals available? Yes