Ris 154 G12 Machine-No 19120 Year of construction 1985
For collets 173E
Station 1 sawing saw unit
Station 2 carriage drilling unit for drilling and over-turning
Station 3 empty
Station 4 Horizontal milling unit
Station 5 empty
Station 6 Horizontal milling unit
Station 7 quill drilling unit
Station 8 turning unit
Station 9 Slide drilling unit for drilling and turning over
Station 10 Hydraulic puncturing unit
Station 11 quill drilling unit
Station 12 tapping unit horizontal
Loading magazine from company Ris for bars 3 meters in length


1 round table machine RISMATIC 154 G 12- F 48 , built 1985, complete,
in good condition, only with oil used.
12 stations in horizontal and vertical version , with pic and place handling
in order to fill the machine.
Complete cooling system and complete housing.
Motion : electro hydraulic
table diameter 1900 mm
380 Volt / 50 Hz