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  • CNC Swiss
  • KSI
  • SQC 20
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 20mm
  • 2006
  • C Axis:
  • Y Axis:
  • Live Tooling:
 KSI SQC 20 Lathe - CNC 20mm 2006


Ax Bar Dia 32Mm
Max Machining Bar Length 1 Chucking 210Mm
Max Main Spindle Drill/Tap 12Mm/M10
Max Sub-Spindle Chucking Dia 32Mm
Max Back-End Face Drill/Tap 10Mm/M8
Max Cross Drill/Tap 10Mm/M8
Max Main Spindle Rpm 8000 Rpm
Max Sub-Spindle Rpm 8000 Rpm
Main Spindle Horsepower 5.5Kw
Sub Spindle Horsepower 2.5Kw
Max Mill/Drill Main & Sub Spindles 8000 Rpm
Max Mill/Drill Back End Working 4000 Rpm
Max No Main Spindle Turning Tools 4 Fixed
Max No Main Spindle Cross Tools 5 Live
Max No Y-Axis Tool Block 5 Std Fixed
Max No Face Tools (Sub-Spindle) 1 Std Fixed
Max No Face Tools (Sub-Spindle) 2 Std Live
Max No Face Tools (Back End) 3 Std Live
Max No Face Tools (Back End) 1 Std Fixed
Total Tools (11-Fixed, 10-Live) 21
Tool Shank Size 16Mm
Rapid Traverse 32Mm/Min
Main Spindle Positioning C Axis 0.001 Degree
Sub-Spindle Positioning C Axis 0.001 Degree
Electrics 220/3/60
Machine Dimensions 2083X1397X1778Mm
Approx Weight 4182Kg


KSI SQC38 .787” Bar cap, Swiss CNC Machine
Fanuc 18ITB ( 7-Axis ) Control
Main and Sub RPM 8,000, Both spindle have collets
Max Machining Bar Length 8.26”
Main Spindle HP 7.5, Sub Spindle HP 3.5
Main Spindle Tools, Turning fixed (5), Cross Live (4) and Y Axis fixed (5) Back working live spindle 4,000 rpm
Sub Spindle tools, (1) Fixed and (2) Live, Back End (3) Live and (1 Fixed) Mechanical Driven Rotary Guide Bushing
MTA International HM-2037 Magazine Barfeeder
Parts Catcher, Parts Conveyor, Parts Ejector (Sub Spindle)
Rigid Tapping All Live Spindles
Specification per OEM Brochure buyer must confirm details.
Under power for inspection