Control: traub tx-8f
Maximum Bar Capacity: 1.102"
Spindle Speed: 4000 rpm
X / Z-Axis Travel: 2.36" 9.64"
Tool Turret Positions: 8
Bar Diameter: 47 - 1.65"
Drilling Spindle Speed Range: 560 - 2800 rpm
Threading Spindle Speed Range: 160 - 800 rpm
Milling Cutter Diameter: 1.8"
Max. Speed - Thread Milling: 6,300 rpm
Number of Crossslides for Cutoff or Form Tool: 4
Total Number of Tool Positions: 8 + 12


1999 TRAUB TNM-28
TX-8H CNC Control
CNC SCREW MACHINE w/t 28MM STAGMAG BARLOADER and a large assortment of channels.
We had CAVCO in Connecticut test out the control to make sure it is completely functional. We purchased and made a number of tools, collets, and feed fingers for it.