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  • Automatic
  • Escomatic
  • D2
  • Swiss Type
  • 5/32"
  • 2001


Maximum toolhead capacity 5 mm
Maximum stroke length 80 mm
Amount of cutting tools 2
Toolhead rotation speed, continuously variable 4000/8000 min-1
Straightener rotation speed, continuously variable 4000/8000 min-1
Cam shaft rotation speed programmable per section of degrees 1/100 min-1
Coolant Oil
Weight 1050 kg
Floor-space (W x L) 1560 x 1000 mm


Flex Speed
Automatic Shut off
Escomatic D2 Flex Speed, the fastest solution for precise and economic tuning up to 5.0 mm maximum diameter parts produced in large and medium lot sizes. Escomatic D5 Flex Speed, the D2 basic machine equipped in addition with a three stations end working unit with two spindles for drilling operations.
Cam controlled machine with electronic Flex Speed system (Fanuc) for optimised cycles, higher precision and less tool wear
Machining of one part with additional pre- or post operations
Front end machining (cantering, drilling) with 2 tools on the D5 Flex Speed
Lower material costs due to less waste of material ends
Reduction of labour costs due to fewer machine stops by using material from coil, real 24h operation
Economy of floor space due to compact design of the unit “machine & coil stand”
Efficient and economical production of simple serial parts with short cycle times