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  • Transfer Machine
  • Mikron
  • 60.015
  • Rotary
  • 1997


Height 8'
Length 10'
Width 8"
Coolant Trough 7 x 6 x 3 high
Hydraulic Pump 2 x 2 x 3 Hi
Panel 1'4"x 5'4" x 7'high
Part Conveyor 5 x 1'4" x 3 Hi
Weight Approx. 10,000 Lbs
Up to 24 working units in simultaneous operation
Cycle speed of up to 50 parts per minute
Fast table rotation at 0.8 seconds for minimum non-productive times
Double cycles (also for different components)


Casting elevator from casting dump bin to Moorefeed feeder bowl.
Moorefeed 36” Dia. X 18” deep feeder bowl that will handle a 3.9” long X 1” wide casting
Gravity fed load rail from bowl to machine load station.
Cam operated mechanical loader and machining stations.
Coolant tank and pumps.
Chain drag chip removal system.
(16) Type N.021 Concentric clamping chucks.

The machine has a (16) station table. One station loads the casting and one station unloads the finished part. The machine currently has (5) stations tooled on the perimeter of the table and has (3) center units. One perimeter station and one center station have an electric controlled lead screw threading operation. One station is tooled with a cam operated ID grooving cutter.
Machine footprint with coolant tanks and decking: 20’ 6” X 18’ 10” ; 36’ 6” X 18’ 10” with feeder bowl and dump bin.
This machine has run brass castings since it was purchased; current cycle time is 7.6 Sec.