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  • Automatic
  • Index
  • 1-1/4 MS-18C
  • Multi Spindle Bar
  • CNC
  • 2007
  • Spindle Size: 18mm


Excellent machine with limited run time.
(6) Milling /live tool drives
Angle Drilling Unit
Slotting Saw
90' Offset Milling Unit
Polygon Milling Unit
Misc. Tooling
Six separately driven motor spindles with C-axis capabilities
Speed control for optimal cutting speeds, favorable chip breaking, and short cycle times
Twelve independently working CNC-controlled tool slides, optionally with one or two axis
Particularly suitable for part families due to flexible setup and fast changeover
Complete machining with driven tools in all spindle positions
Backworking with four tools
Halving of the backworking cycle by means of two
Scara synchron spindles
C axis, Y axis, gear hobbing and polygon turning for
extended applications
Automatic loading and unloading of chuck parts
The MS18C is mainly suitable for complete machining of short turned parts, even in the case of small and medium batch sizes.
A front open design with up to eleven tool carriers and two Scara-synchron spindles provide various fields of applications.
The motor spindle technology opens up new possibilities for machining high-alloy materials.