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  • Transfer Machine
  • Buffoli
  • 2D-TR8-5
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 1996


Price is for each machine

(2) Buffoli TR8-2-5, 1995 and 1996, Rebuilt and Used 1,000 Hours
Bundle bar Loader
Coolant Tank
Filtration System
Electrical Panel
Cnc Control
Eight (8) two jaw Chucks
Drawing # 537 33 89 Adapter t25, Using A321 Stainless Steel
Will be Tooled up to Produce one Part at a Time in 16.06 Seconds.
Machine Will be Cleaned and Painted.
Delivery - 14 to 18 Weeks Aro
Warranty - six Months Against Parts and Labor


Model 2D/TRBD 12/10, CNC 1996
Rebuilt 1000 hours
Iemca Bundle Bar Loader
CNC Controller, PC Windows Based
Two Jaw Self Centering Chucks
Drilling and Tapping Units
Condition - Excellent