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  • CNC Multi Spindle
  • Gildemeister
  • GM 20
  • Multi Spindle Bar
  • 20mm
  • 2015
  • Spindle Size: 20mm


Bar Capacity, Round Material 16Mm
Bar Capacity, Hexagonal Material 14Mm
Bar Capacity, Square Material 11Mm
Work Spindle P.C.D. 165Mm
Spindle Drum Indexing by Hirth Coupling
No. of Cross Slides 6
No. of Compound Slides 4
Drives for Tool-Spindles 6
Sensitive Adjustment of Frontal Tool Spindles 6
Max. Bar Feed 80Mm
Max. Bar Feed, Double 160Mm
Max. Travel of Cross Slides 28Mm
Cross Slides Adjustment - 8Mm
Max. Travel of Tool Spindles 63Mm
Tool Spindle Adjustment -10Mm
Range of Cycle Times.7-40 Sec
Idle Time .45
Programmable Spindle Speed Range 600-9,000 Rpm
Threading Capacity R/H 40 X 1.5Mm
Threading Capacity L/H 12 X 1.5Mm
Drive Rating 11Kw
Torque of Ac-Feed Motor 18Nm
Floor Space Without Stock Carrier ´┐╝Appr. 3.670 X 1.105 Mm
Floor Space With Stock Carrier Appr. 5.400 X 1.105 Mm
Electrical Equipment:
Consisting of Ac-Motors (Protection Ip 54) Main Drive, Feed Drive,
Oper. Voltage 400 V, /- 5 %,
Plc Control Siemens, Type S7-300 With Exchangeable Functional
Assembly Digital Display. Electronic Cyclic Programmer.
Operating Voltage: (Standard 400 V)
Control Voltage: (Standard 24 V)
Light Voltage: (Standard 24 V)
Frequency: (Standard 50 Cycles)
Noise Level According to Iso 230-5, I
so 3746, Iso 1120


Stock Reel
Stock Stand
Back Finish
Chip Conveyor
Drill Spindles
Set of Collets and Cams
Two Year Warranty
(One in Stock 16-20 Weeks for Additional)
Along with this one there is a 2004 not remanufactured but equipped the same for $300,000.00 and a 1999 equipped
the same for $175,000.00.