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I want to sell a machine like this

  • Transfer Machine
  • Eubama
  • S 6
  • Trunnion Type


Modular, highly stable construction
Start-to-finish machining in a single clamping step
Flexible production concept for large-scale batch production, workpiece families or workpieces in varying forms
Extensions to meet specific requirements
Machining across the entire workpiece length
Number of machining units (horizontal/vertical): 10/7
Max. clamping diameter: 18 mm
Max. workpiece length: 150 mm
Max. output (cycles/min.): 80 (160 in double production)
Feed control: Curve/hydraulic/hydraulic CNC
Machine control: PLC/CNC
Stroke: up to 35 mm standard, up to 130 mm custom
Drilling capacity (in steel/brass): Ø 8/10
Threading (in steel/brass): M 8/10
Indexing time: cycle-dependent
Horizontal units that machine both sides of the workpiece at the same time
Vertical units for transverse machining perpendicular to workpiece axis
Machining units for all types of machining operations as well as for non-cutting
operations such as flanging, rolling, thread forming and thread rolling
Machining units for mounting or for testing procedures with good/reject sorting


I have attached some photos and machine specs on the Eubama we have for sale. Additionally, the machine ran mild steel from coil, using oil based cutting fluid, has run for 8,723 hours and has no known defects.
Hydraulic Turning Attachment
Turning Unit
Splinter Promoter
The machine is not running now, but it is under power
and will be able to cycle if necessary.