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  • CNC Swiss
  • Swistek
  • AB42
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 0
  • C Axis:
  • Number of Axis: 5
  • Sub Spindle:
  • Live Tooling:
 Swistek AB42 Lathe - CNC  0


Can run with or without a GUIDE BUSHING.
Standard Machine Features:
- FANUC 32i Control (Loaded)
- Can Run Barstock from 5mm to 42mm
- HYBRID = Removable Guide Bushing
- 38mm Bar Capacity w/guide bushing
- 42mm without Guide Bushing
- Simultaneous 7-Axis
- 14 Live Tool Positions
- 7 Live on Main, 7 live on the Sub Spindle
- Twin 10HP FANUC Integrated Spindles
- 31 Total Tool Stations
- FANUC Drives, Motors, Amps
- NSK bearings and Ball Ballscrews
- C-Axis Main & Sub Spindle
- Independent Synchronized Sub-Spindle
- Chip Conveyor and Chip Cart
Additional Machine Features:
-Â Chilled Integrated Spindles
- Synchronized Revolving Guide Bushing
- Parts Chute with Part Conveyor
- Centralized Auto. Lubrication System
- Coolant Chiller for optimum thermal stability
- Ejection Pin and Air Blow
- Coolant Through Sub-Spindle
- 3-axis Simultaneous Circular Interpolation
- Simultaneous Machining on Front & Back
- Rigid Construction
- Complex Machining Capability


The Swistek AB38/42 HYBRID offers a 7-Axis sliding headstock
Swiss Type Screw Machine with a Removable Guide Bushing that
offers precision, reliability, performance and speed at a very
economical price compared to the competition. TheSwistek AB38/42
HYBRID model has a removable Guide Bushing, Chilled integrated
10hp FANUC main spindle and a chilled integrated 10hp FANUC
independent simultaneous sub-spindle along withNSK Bearings
and Ball Screws for optimum thermal stability. The Swistek AB38/42
has up to 14 Live Tool Positions and has a 38mm bar capacity with
the Guide Bushing and 42mm bar capacity without the guide bushing.
Running as a Non-Guide-Bush-Type adds cost savings with shorter
bar remnants, eliminates the guide bushing and the need for centerless
ground bar stock, it also allows for better work piece concentricity in
shorter parts (Part Length Ratio for Removing Guide Bushing: Max.
Part Length = 3 x Dia.). The Swistek AB38/42HYBRID is truly the most
Economical, Precise and Versatile Swiss Turn On The Market Today!