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  • CNC Swiss
  • Star
  • Ecas 32T
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 2006
  • C Axis:
  • Live Tooling:
 Star Ecas 32T Lathe - CNC  2006


Max Diameter Bar Capacity 1.25"
Max Machining Length 13.78"
Main Spindle Motor 10 / 7.5 HP
Main Spindle Speed 7000 RPM
Main Spindle Indexing .01 Degrees
Tools 10 x 2
Tools Per Station 2
Sleeve Holder Tools: 3
Max Drilling Capacity 0.906"
Max Tapping / Die Cutting Capacity M12 x P1.75
Power Driven Attachment:
Tools per Station 2
Max Drilling Capacity 0.390"
Max Tapping Capacity M8 x P1.25
Max Milling Capacity 0.5"
Max Slotting Capacity 2mm W x 10mm D
Spindle Motor 2.4 HP
Spindle Speed 5700 RPM
Backworking Tool Post:
Number of Tools 8
Turning Tools 4
Max Drilling Capacity (Stationary/Driven) 0.5" / 0.312"
Max Tapping Capacity M10 x P1.5 / M6 x P1.0
Max Milling Capacity 0.390"
Spindle Motor 1.8 HP
Spindle Speed 6000 RPM
Sub Spindle Motor 5 / 3 HP
Sub Spindle Speed 7000 RPM
Sub Spindle Chucking Diameter 1.25"
Sub Spindle Length for Front Ejection 4"
Sub Spindle Chucking Length 5.875"
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 125" x 69" x 73"
Machine Weight 12,540 lbs.


10.4" Color LCD
Upper & Lower Backworking 10 Position Turrets with
Live Tooling Capability
C-Axis Milling Capability on Both Spindles
Backworking Attachment
Collet Chucks for Main and Sub Spindles
Auto Parts Catcher
Parts Exit Conveyor
Coolant Thru Spindle (High Pressure New England NJ1150)
Royal Filtermist FX600 Mist Collector
FMB Turbo 3-36/3800A Magazine 12 ft. Barfeed
Chip Conveyor (Right Side Exit)
Mfg Date November 2006