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  • Transfer Machine
  • Diedesheim
  • Diamat 70-9
  • Rotary
  • 1996


This sheet (The Pdf file - link below)
will give you the spindle RPM and motor HP and exactly
what operation is performs. Each E-XX is a spindle. The spindle
number that ends in a X1 is a vertical spindle that feeds from the
bottom up. the X2 numbers are spindles that feed horizontally, the
numbers X3 are vertical spindles that feed from the top down. The
machine has 9 stations.
The spindles are mounted to slides that are controlled with a servo motor.
To move a spindle you would have to change the mounting for the slide.
Some heads have coolant through the spindle, you will see the coolant
pressure rating in Bars.
One last thing. The Diedesheim is an awesome machine, it can be
transformed to; drill, ream or tap almost anything.
Station 1 - Loading
Station 2 - Unit 21 Hydr. Boring Unit, unit 22 Mechanical Boring Unit Unit 23 Mech. Boring Unit -
x axis CNC programmable - coolant through spindle.
Station 3 Unit 31 Hydr. Boring Unit Unit 32 Mechanical Threading Z-axis CNC Programmable. Screw
Leader, tooth belt drive Unit 33 - Mechanical Boring.
Station 4 Unit 41 Mech Boring Unit, Unit 42 Hydraulic Probing and Splashing Device
Unit 43 Mechanical boring,
Station 5 Unit 51 - Idle position cover, unit 52 Mechanical Boring, Unit 53 Mechanical Boring
Station 6 Unit 61 Mechanical Boring, Unit 62 Hydraulic Probing and Splashing Device UNit 63 Boring
Station 7 Unit 71 Boring, Unit 72 Boring,
Station 8 Unit 81 Mechanical Threading GP70 Z axis CNC, Unit 82 Boring
Unit 83 Mechanical Threading GP70 Z axis CNC,
Station 9 UNit 93 Boring MES 70
440 volt 60 Cycle
Coolant and Chip Disposal


One (1) Deidesheim, Model Diamat 70-9, 1997 Full Cnc
Complete as Follows:
Coolant System
Filtration System with Dirty Tank and Clean Tank
Cnc Control Updated 2005
23 Machining Units
Currently Set for Machining Automatic Door Closure Housings
Chucks Rotate
480 Volt 3 Ph
All Guarding
Condition - V. Good to Excellent
By Swiveling in positions 4 and 7 the Germans mean that the fixture
that holds the part can rotate in positions #4 and #7. All the heads are fixed they
only move in and out on the horizontal axis. The heads on top and from the bottom
only move up and down. There are a few multi spindle heads in this machine.
These multi spindle heads are made by the comany Grotz, they drill and ream several
holes at the same time. This is alot of machine. Tthe people who are buying
Hydromats or companies who make plumbing fittings or multi hole solenoid valve
blocks, like Mac valves could really use a machine like this. It is far
more sturdy than a Hydromat, and hold tolerance far in excess of any
Hydromat spindle head.