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  • CNC Multi Spindle
  • Tornos
  • Deco 26-6
  • Multi Spindle Bar
  • 26mm
  • Spindle Size: 26mm
  • C Axis:
 Tornos Deco 26-6 Multi Spindle Bar 26mm


13 Axis Machine
Stock Reel
Stock Stand
Back Finish
Barnes Chip Conveyor and Filtration System
Set of Tool Holders on All Positions
Fanuc Pnc Deco Cnc Controller
Complete Guarding
Condition - V. Good, Well Maintained


26/6 CNC 17-Axis, 6 Spindle Screw Machine
This is a 3500 RPM machine

Software V4.2
Simple Spindle Stopping (No C-Axis)
1st Position Slide Has No Z-Axiis (Used For Plunging)
TORNOS Replaced Spindle Bearings And Clutches (2006) Installed Gear Kit
Option in 2006
Cross Slide Tool Adapter Included (7) Total
Barnes Unit Includes Coolant Tank, Chip Conveyor & Oil Chiller
High Pressure Pump
No. S-4 Motor For Part Pick Up
Smoke/Mist Collector
Robo-Bar MSF 0.832 (4M) with (1) Set Of Large Bar Guides And Pusher Rods,
Optional Steady Rest

Can Lock Work Spindle In Positive Drive Or Disengage For Simple Stopping
Can Pull Bar End Back To Drop Into Robo-Bar Basket Or Eject Bar End Into
Basket in Machine Area