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  • CNC Machine
  • Kitako
  • Kitako HS-4200i
  • Lathe - CNC
  • Chucker
  • 2007
  • Y Axis:
  • Dual Spindles:
  • Gantry Load:
 Kitako Kitako HS-4200i Lathe - CNC Chucker 2007


2007 KITAKO HS-4200i
Chuck Size 8" (4)
Max Turning Diameter 7.8"
Max Machining Length 4"
Tools 8 (2)
Spindles 4
Spindle Speed 45 - 4500 RPM
Spindle Nose A2-6 (4)
Spindle Motor 20/ 15 HP
Rapid Traverse Rates (X / Z) 941 / 1181 IPM
X-Axis Travel 6.3"
Z-Axis Travel 9.8"
Carrier Index Time (180 Degrees) 1.5 Seconds
Machine Dimensions (L x W x H) 155.9" x 78" x 126.6"
Machine Weight 16,534 lbs.
Max. part size (diameter x length) 5.9" x 3.9"
Max. part weight 6.6lbs x2
Feed rates (X/Y/Z) 6,693 IPM/4,724 IPM/2,165 IPM
Four spindles are mounted in a square pattern in a large
cylindrical carrier drum. When the carrier is indexed 180
degrees, two spindels/parts move from the loading zone
to the machining zone. At the same time, the other two
spindles/parts movie from the machining zone to the loading
zone. As two parts are being machined, two new parts are
being loaded. This continuous indexing is similar to that of
a pallet changer on a machinong center, but can take as
little as two seconds to complete, you could be back in the
cut in only five seconds.
The spindles, slides, and turrents work independently
and simultaneously for "operation matching" flexibility:
Since the spindles in the loading zone are outside of the machine,
there is unrestricted access, allowing for easy manual, robotic,
or gantry loading


7.2" Monochrome LCD
(2) Machining Spindles & (2) Load / Unload Spindles
(4) 8" Kitagawa N08 3-Jaw Hydraulic Chucks
Gantry Robot
(16) Pallet Stocker
Work Reversing Unit
Center Partition
Spindle Air Blast
Spindle Orientation
Door Interlock
Tool Life Management
Three Color Tower Light
Heavy Duty Box Way Construction
Turbo Chip Conveyor (Rear Exit)
Mfg Date July 2007