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  • CNC Machine
  • Buffoli
  • 3D/TGD 16/24
  • Rotary
  • 1996


BUFFOLI maohine # 369 is a transfer machine type 3D/TGD16124.
This machine is able to produce machined parts starting both from brass bars and from
oaltings .
The machine consists of a vertical axis indexing table with eight (8) work stations, each
one equipped with two clamping devices (chucks). In the machine frame thel"$ are eight
(8) twin working units with hydraulic feed for drilling, one (1) single working unit with
hydraulic feed for drilling and 3 (three) single working units with ball screw feed for threading


See pdf file for complete description
This machine had a new control installed and was put back into production. The company is unfamiliar with the machine and decided they need room more than the machine. Price has just been reduced.