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  • CNC Multi Spindle
  • Tornos
  • SAS-16
  • Multi Spindle Bar
  • 16mm
  • Spindle Size: 16mm
 Tornos SAS-16 Multi Spindle Bar 16mm


Number of spindles 6
Capacity round bar 16 mm
Capacity square bar 11 mm
Capacity hexagon bar 13 mm
Max. turning length 60 mm
Max. stroke of long slide 50 mm
Number of tools 11
Number of camshaft
speeds 630
Number of cross slides 6
Number of independent feeds 4
Stroke of independent feeds 45-100 mm Spindle speeds:
number (steps) 16
from 750 rpm
up to 8000 rpm
Voltage 50 Hz 3x 380 Volt
Power Machine's weight about 2500 kg Overall dimensions machine:
Length 2145 mm
Width 1000 mm
Height 1500 mm


Various accessories:
Automatic bar loader (num. bars) TORNOS carrousel Drilling spindle: 4
Number of independent feeds 1
Back spindle
Swivelling stop
Back working unit