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  • CNC Machine
  • Gildemeister
  • Twin 70Y
  • Lathe - CNC
  • 70mm
  • 2001
  • B Axis:
 Gildemeister Twin 70Y Lathe - CNC 70mm 2001


Model: Twin 70Y
Main spindle:
ASA 6"
20-5000 rpm
1200 to 5000 rpm at full Horsepower
Max. torque: 215 to 1200 N-m/min-1
HP: 18 to 27 KW
Bar capacity: 70mm option included (2.5" bar capacity)
Spindle hole diameter: 78.5mm
Front bearing diameter: 110mm
Sub spindle:
ASA 6"
20-6000 rpm
1200 to 6000 rpm at full Horsepower
Max. torque: 119 to 1200 N-m.min-1
HP: 12 to 15 KW
Spindle hole diameter: 68.5 mm
Front bearing diameter: 100mm
Upper turret: X, Y, & C
Z1 travel: 525mm
X1 travel: 180mm
Y travel: 64 mm (+40, -40)
Y thrust: 4,500N via CNC regulated
12 stations, all live tool capable
RPM: 4000 r./min
HP: 4KW with 20 Nm torque
Lower turret: X & C
Z2 travel: 525mm
X2 travel: 190mm
Distance between two spindle noses: 750mm
Max. turning diameter: 200mm
Max. turning length: 500mm
Rapid travels Z1, Z2, B axis: 30 M/min
Rapid travels: X1, X2 axis: 20 M/min
Axis thrust: Z1, Z2 B axis, X1, X2: 4500 N
Live tooling specs: Sauter type 0.5.450.216
Tool attachment: 30 VDI
Weight: 7000 kg.


Equipped with:
CNC Parts Catcher with conveyor belt
Max. part handled: 70mm dia. X 120mm x 2 kg
Fargo KVA transformer
Bermac Chip Conveyor
Full "C" axis on both spindles
Full compliment of tool holders and Eppinger Live Tools
The following tooling is what was ordered originally with this machine:
(1) R-E2220 Turning Bar package
(1) R-F2001 Cooling Pump Grundfoss 12 bar. 251/min
(1) R-A2005 Polygon turning software
(1) R-M2596 Set of 22 tool holders
(5) R-N2308 Axial driven units, right
(2) R-N2316 Axial driven units, double, right, without ESX25
(2) R-Q2170 Collet chucks, AXFix Hainbuch BZ165
Full set of manuals
Interfaced for a LNS Hydrobar barfeeder
(5) Spindle liners
Stainless steel way covers
Stainless steel door, that opens and closes with finger tip pressure!
Fanuc 18iT CNC Controls and drives.
SN: 935058, New 2001 with 8500 hours.
Condition: Excellent! A trouble-free overbuilt machine!
Photos do not do it justice.