OttoMatics Inc. 230 Brookfield Pl. Roswell, GA 30075 (678) 395-3831 05/14/18
We have several good used Hydromats and lots of Hydromat parts. We want your trade in machines

Pro 20 new 1999 only 7 million cycles running oil coolant, great units, and heads Photo's Video
HW 25/12 new 1999 Just 3 million cycles! using cutting oil. Many units to choose from Photo's Video
New in the box 26/80 Unit and 3 Axis Flange

 Tooling and Attachments for legacy machines, valves, units, heads, flanges, Tool Presetter, pullies, motors, drill holders
HB-32/45-16 (1995 & 1997) Well tooled, running
HB-45-12 (1995) Call for details
Epic 32/45-16 (2010) Only 1.5 Million Cycles Super High Pressure Coolant, Excellent machine $550,000.00
Epic HS-16 (2005) Indexing Chucks Photos
HS-12 (2012) very recent rebuild.
Epic HB-45/12 (2005) only 10 million cycles
Epic R/T 32/45-16 2013 Double Production, Double Feed

50/100  Hydromat Units
You have expensive, non productive units, heads, etc., collecting dust on your shelves. Let us help you make it productive.
Specializing in turning machines since 1978.
The Otto's
John and Patti

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Transfer Machines
26/80 and 3 axis flange New in the box SAVE $
Pro20 Oversized
Epic HB45/16
Legacy HB42/45-16
BTB (2010) BB524 TRO - like new Trunnion
i 2D-TR8-5 just rebuilt
Eubama KED - 2002
Liberty 2004 Universal joints
Mikron CX-24 2005
Sinico Top 2000 - (2)
Wirth & Gruffat TT312 New 2003 - must be sold
50/100  Hydromat Units

1-5/8 RBN8 or 1-1/4 RB8
Doosan TT Machines
Citizen 32mm late model
Eurotech 420/710 SLLY
Kitako VT4 machines
All European machines - Traub, Index, Gildemeister
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