We have a customer looking for a good 16.6 Tornos.  If you have one on this side of the Atlantic, please let me know.

Tornos BS-20 available in the USA and we also need a good AS-14 machine. I thought you might be interested.

All The Best,

The Otto's
John and Pat

(Many) very good New Britains - 6 and 8

We have Good Deals on Nakamura's
Citizen's L-32 2003
New Britains

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                                Multi Spindle Machines
BS 20 Tornos with 2007 Cucchi Loader - in plant running parts
BS20 Tornos
                                Rebuilt 2006

Our intention is to inform, not annoy. If you no longer run or have interest in Tornos's please let us know.
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